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Fresh Healthy Meal Delivery and Catering


The Diet Is Dead. Long Live the Lifestyle!

Fitness Kitchen is more than a healthy meal-delivery service; it’s a point of view, a conviction that gourmet cuisine can promote not only epicurean satisfaction but health and well-being too. Our clients choose among 4 programs built on a platform of balanced nutrition AND culinary pleasure.

Whether you’re trying to lose weight and gain muscle, prepare for a role, run the L.A. Marathon, keep your diabetes under control, or just look and feel your best, we’ve got a plan for you (plus an easy way to switch plans if your goals evolve).

Our nutritional consultant, Muscle Mechanics owner Tom Nelson, sees to it that Fitness Kitchen’s LEAN & SEXY, ACTIVE, PRO and VIP CUSTOM plans combine lean proteins, complex carbohydrates, heart-smart fats and plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Our ever-creative chef, Marieno Iorieo (who’s spent his career catering to discriminating tastes), sources his ingredients from local vendors committed to sustainable practices, seeking out grass-fed beef unsullied by hormones and antibiotics, free-range poultry, and wild-caught fish while securing peak-of-the-season, pesticide-free, and certified-organic offerings whenever possible.

This gastronomic magic makes the mouth water as the waistline is whittled. Therein lies the potential to transform your relationship with food.

Our emphasis on lifestyle also means we’re mindful of your overall fitness goals, food sensitivities, gender, height, weight, age and other factors.

Our 100% personalized signature VIP CUSTOM Meal Plan takes this further by tailoring your plan to vegetarian or vegan preferences, any medical conditions you may have, intolerances to gluten, dairy or soy, and additional variables unique to you. Of course none of this may apply – rest assured, the VIP CUSTOM plan is available to everyone, whatever level of special attention you crave.

Ready to start living the lifestyle you so richly deserve? Head on over to How It Works and let Fitness Kitchen help you take that first step toward becoming your very best self. Questions? Click here or call 800-590-1292; all will be revealed.

Travis Aaron Wade: “This service is a total game changer for me.”
Todd Wishnev: “Everything’s changed for me – it’s been a total transformation.”
Rhett Leibecke: “I have tried working out and dieting before and it never really worked for me.”
Seth Geoffrion: “Fitness Kitchen has revolutionized my body and changed my life.”
Laura Rowbottom: “Shedding the weight made me feel the person inside was finally going to be seen.”


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